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We Love Matcha!!!

In Real Matcha family we love matcha and drink matcha every day. Because of its magical benefits, this natural drink makes us full of energy and boost concentration on work.

So our mission is very clear “Aware people about Matcha & its magical benefits”.

In China and Japan, matcha has been consumed from over 1000 years by zen monks and samurai. They accept this tea because it helps to stay alert and calm during the long hour of meditation.

In India, very few people are aware about matcha and it’s natural benefits.

Matcha Benefits

Matcha has lots of lots of benefits based on study and research. It helps to boost metabolism, loss weight, increase focus in work, calm mind, detoxify body and glow skin. 

Meet our Founder

Vijender Singh

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Now It's your turn.

Please let us know how matcha makes your morning healthy, share your results, query, suggestion, feedback and any questions about matcha.


Whatever in your mind, please write in the below comment box.

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